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LAL Marketing is a group of business professionals with both IT and marketing backgrounds who saw a need to help small businesses get online.  Lydia Lawrence saw the need while working with her family’s small business in Texas.  Her brother needed to  establish an online presence for his hardwood floor business but had no time left over at the end of the day.  Together, Lydia and her brother mapped out an approach that lands him on the top of the local search for hardwood flooring in his area. A top position on page one of the search has allowed him to grow the business beyond what he thought possible!  This three pronged approach consists of the Local Search Profile, Website Development and Social Media Presence.  On the heels of this success she collaborated with a talented, business saavy design team to provide design and website development services.  Together they can deliver the tools needed to establish a comprehensive online presence for your company.

Our goal is to help the small business owner not only survive but thrive in this challenging environment

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